Digitalization in production process

a significant competitive advantage

Complete digital transformation solutions

Increasing efficiency and reducing costs

Productivity Increase

  • Measuring production efficiency indicators (OEE – KPIs)
  • Increase production efficiency
  • Reduction of production costs

Quality Control

  • Quality assurance
  • Maintaining production within quality standards
  • Recording quality history

Energy Saving

  • Energy cost reduction
  • Energy consumptions management (steam – cold water – compressed air – C02)

Targeted Maintenance

  • Highlights maintenance priorities
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Effective intervention of technicians

IoT Control

With the system, production teams increase productivity by identifying losses and its hidden cause


Problems detection

Monitors the production process and energy consumptions, and detects malfunctions


Timely treatment

Alerts and instructs users for immediate and effective actions.


Maintaining standards

Increase efficiency, reduce energy and assure quality.

Operators become “key players” for the efficiency improvement

The system identifies the causes of production process losses, notifies operators and guides them to make timely and effective actions.

Supervisors make safe and targeted decisions

The heads of departments have an overall picture with real data. They identify inefficient processes and hidden causes of losses to find best practices that will increase efficiency.

The management team has a global view for the goals achievement

The management team has the data to monitor the progress and achievement of the goals. The system enables them to continuously evaluate progress with statistics and performance indicators.

Why choose IoT Control

Adapts to old and new installations. it does not require upgrades on equipment and installation
Flexible for tests, comparisons and evaluation of results
Customized solutions adapted to the needs of each application
Implementation of digital transformation solutions
Identifying points for improvements. Targeted applications with significant results
Ensures, supports and monitors the achievement of the goals

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Our competitive advantage


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  • Market requirements
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  • Low investment costs
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  • Without hidden charges


  • We create prospects for your company
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Large companies choose IoT Control

Maintaining high performance and achieving continuous improvements